Our Curriculum

At Rackenford C of E VA Primary School, we believe that a curriculum fit for the 21stcentury must be broad, balanced and enriched with exciting, relevant experiences that fire children’s imaginations and give them the confidence to face new challenges and solve problems.

Our curriculum is in line with the statutory new National Curriculum, underpinned by our Christian foundation. It prepares our children for a constantly changing world, giving them the skills to contribute positively to society and live fulfilling and healthy lives.

Our school values are: trust, respect, friendship, perseverance, forgiveness, truthfulness and compassion. They are at the heart of all that we do.

Our curriculum provides children with the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy the challenge and adventure of learning
  • Follow their own interests and curiosities
  • Find out how they learn and develop learning powers, such as ‘resilience’ and ‘perseverance’ to enable them to become life-long, independent learners
  • Master a range of skills and develop in-depth knowledge and understanding
  • Communicate and interact effectively and confidently with others and discover the power of collaboration
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of everyone and the values, beliefs and culture of others
  • Make a positive contribution to the school, local and wider community
  • Become reflective learners, excited by their own potential and motivated to achieve their best

Rackenford Primary School Curriculum Map Reception and Year 1 Topic (Summer 19)

Rackenford Primary School Curriculum Map Year 2 and 3 Topic (Summer 19) )

Rackenford Primary School Curriculum Map Year 4, 5 and 6 Topic (Summer 19)

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement


In EYFS, year 1 and 2 our program of learning phonics is based upon the Letters and Sounds publication but it has been adjusted to meet the increased expectations and requirements of the new national curriculum. It covers the reading and writing of sounds and words and involves both new learning and revision of previous learning in every session.

If you would like to know what sounds your child is learning about this week then please ask your child’s class teacher.

In year 2-6, we develop children’s spelling further by using the No Nonsense Spelling materials designed by the Literacy team at Babcock LDP and published by Raintree. The program is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive. It enables us to implement an effective spelling teaching program that prepares the children for their move into Key Stage 3


In Early Years and Key Stage One our children choose book banded reading books that relate to their current reading level. There is a good selection of books in each coloured band so that the children are able to access a variety of genres. We try to hear the children read as often as possible in the school day but due to the numbers of children and the demands of the curriculum it isn’t possible to do this as regularly as we would like. We therefore really encourage parents to take an active part in this by reading with their children each day after school.

In Key Stage Two, the children continue to access book banded reading materials until they are a level to become a free reader. At this point they are able, with support, to choose appropriate reading materials from the library. Teachers will also provide children with appropriate levelled reading books in class during shared and guided reading sessions. These sessions will tend to include an opportunity for the children to read, discuss and answer questions about the text.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, either ask your child’s teacher or speak to the Head of School.