Flexi Schooling

At Rackenford Primary School, we understand that each child’s learning journey is different.

We have introduced flexi schooling to our curriculum to allow parents and children the opportunity to work flexibly between home schooling and attendance at school.

The small, community nature of our school enables us to focus on each child’s learning needs, finding an arrangement that ensures the best learning experience for the child.

What is flexi schooling?

Flexi schooling is a combination of attendance at school and home schooling, where children are still registered at a school but only attend part time.

Get in touch

We would love to talk to any parent who is interested in finding out more about our flexi schooling options.

Regular coffee mornings are held at the school for parents currently partaking in flexi schooling, and we encourage anyone interested in finding out more to attend.

Interested parents can also arrange to meet with our Head of School, Sarah Maude, by calling the school and booking a meeting.