Child protection

All children should have a safe environment in which they can learn and thrive.

At Rackenford C of E Primary School, we take safeguarding extremely seriously. As a matter of course, all staff receive safeguarding training. Both the Designated Safeguarding Officer and the deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer are Level 3 trained. All staff members receive additional training to ensure that they are updated on best practice and our stringent procedures are reviewed regularly at staff and governors meetings.

We are supported in our work by outside agencies and also complete an annual safeguarding audit.

Our current Child Protection policy can be found here.

E Safety

Our children are growing up in a world where reliance on computers is ever increasing. We actively educate the children in how to keep safe whilst on line. We make them aware of the dangers and the steps that they can take to avoid putting themselves at risk.

As part of this work, we also invite parents to come into school and find out more about the ways in which they can minimise online risks to their children in the home. We have links with specialist agencies in this field as this is an area of learning that is constantly changing. As a result, staff are regularly updated in order that their teaching fully cover new and emerging e safety concerns.