School Attendance

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that all their children of compulsory school age are receiving an efficient full-time education by regular attendance at a school or otherwise. Please let the school know either in writing, email or telephone in the following instances:

• When a child is absent, please contact the school by 9.30am on each day of absence
• When a child is not to take part in any activity for medical or other reasons
• When a child is to be late for school or has to leave early
• If the home address, telephone number or emergency telephone number has changed.

It is important that valid reasons for a child’s absence are notified to the school. Unauthorised absences can, in some circumstances be counted as a truancy which has to be reported to the Education Welfare Services of the Local Authority.

Holidays in term time

If you plan on taking your child out of school, you will need to complete an absence request form. Please ask for one of these at the school office or see the below link. You will need to explain your reason for their absence to which Emily Budden (Head of School) will either authorise/unauthorise the absence – depending on the reason and your child’s current attendance.

Please note you may be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission.

Attendance Policy

Absence request form

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