Federation Vision

“Our vision for excellence sits at the forefront of the strategic plans for our three schools and sets out our goals and ambitions for the future.

As governors we want to continue to develop the vision for our Federation – we recognise it is key to fulfilling our strategic role.

Shared vision workshops have been held for governors and key leadership staff. We aim to increase the robustness of our governance by refreshing our shared vision through continuing consultations with pupils, staff and parents.

Vision and strategy are just the beginning of the journey; it takes collaboration, commitment and hard work to deliver results.

Our vision will remain a live document and change in response to the requirements of the Federation, but we expect measurable progress towards these objectives over the next 3 to 5 years”

Jason Cox and Flora Wood
Co-chairs of Governors,
Tiverton Federation of Schools
July 2018

Our mission statement

“Working together to improve opportunities and outcomes for all children and young people in our local community”

Our vision

1) Effectiveness of leadership and management

Governors will support leadership that is open, distributed, trusting, transparent and welcoming to challenge at all levels.  Staff wellbeing will be a key aspect of all decision making processes.

Governors will seek to promote a Federation vision and values that are owned and understood by all staff.  Collaboration between our schools will always be central to this.

Governors will seek opportunities to grow the Federation beyond the current three schools as appropriate, and where these opportunities are to the benefit of all.

Governors will ensure that students have many opportunities for leadership and are involved in decision making wherever appropriate.

Governors will seek to sustain communication systems, information sharing networks and data collection strategies which operate consistently across the Federation, whilst at the same time recognising  individual school identities.

Governors will set a strategic direction which will enable Federation schools to be full and even oversubscribed

2) Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Governors will expect Ofsted reports to demonstrate the excellent work being done in our schools, and the high quality educational experience that all students receive.

Governors will pursue a structure and ethos for the Federation which will underpin and enhance the whole learning journey from nursery to post 16.

Governors will ensure our schools offer a broad and balanced curriculum, and one which acknowledges the demands of all our local community.

Governors will encourage staff to make imaginative use of resources and expertise to create outstanding learning opportunities across the Federation.

3) Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Governors will seek to ensure our schools nurture happy students who are keen to come to school.  Our high expectations for them will not be at the expense of self-confidence or lead to excessive anxiety.

Governors will aim to sustain a Federation that provides an educationally inclusive environment for all, providing enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities to engage all students.

Governors will look for high behaviour expectations from all students, born out of consistently applied behaviour policies.

4) Outcomes for pupils

The Federation will maintain a strong focus on pupils’ progress across all key stages. The commitment will be to see most pupils exceeding   the levels of expected progress.

The Federation will work to raise pupil, parent and staff expectations of success and celebrate success in all areas of school life.

The Federation will strive to produce well rounded and confident young people and opportunities will be provided to allow all students to excel.

Jason Cox, Flora Wood – Joint Chair of Governors

Sammy Crook – Head of Federation, Headteacher at Tiverton High School

Sarah Dienes – Staff Governor

Helen Hyland – Foundation Governor

Steph Jeffs – Foundation Governor

Sarah Child – Local Authority Governor

Teresa Sturtivant – Co-opted Governor

Alison Williams – Co-opted Governor

Ian Fraser – Foundation governor

Sarah Maude – Associate Governor

Demelza Higginson – Associate Governor

Simon Tong – Associate Governor

John Cleaver – Associate Governor

Davin Everett – Associate Governor

Kate Stanton – Associate Governor

Simon Tong – Associate Governor

Andrew Rigamonti – Co-opted Governor

John Panton – Co-opted Governor