Snow closure announcement

School will be closed tomorrow (Friday 1 February) due to worsening weather conditions this evening.

We will keep our website and Facebook channel updated about school re-opening, following the weekend. You can also check the Devon Live website. As always, we will endeavour to make a decision as soon as we are able to help you make necessary arrangements.

Please note that families with children at other schools should check with those individual schools.

Flexi schooling in Devon Life

flexi schooling in Devon

At Rackenford Primary School we strongly believe that every child’s learning journey is different, which is why we offer flexi schooling options for our families.

Our Head of School, Sarah Maude, recently spoke to the magazine Devon Life about the initiative, and how parents and children can benefit from this tailored learning experience.

You can find the full article on page 195 of the October issue of Devon Life, available to read online here.

Taking it in their stride

Daily Mile logo


On Thursday (13th) we were joined on our Daily Mile by ITV News West Country, discussing why we chose to take part in the national initiative and the benefits it has.

As many of you will know, since January we have been walking (or dancing!) for 15 minutes at the start of the day. Not only does the Daily Mile have excellent health benefits, but we find children to be more engaged in first lesson and it’s a great opportunity for children to socialise with their peers and teachers.

All of the children behaved brilliantly and spoke beautifully – we could not be prouder of every single one of them!

You can read the original story on our Daily Mile here.

Drum & Guitar Performance

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to an amazing music concert where children who have been learning to play the guitar and the drums this year showed off their skills. The audience were incredibly impressed by not only the children’s musical ability but their enthusiasm and creativity. All children had chosen their own pieces to play, some children had composed their own original songs and we got a sneak peek at the next rock group to come out of Rackenford! A massive congratulations to Lily, Freya, James, Joe, Katie, Winnie, Tabitha, Alex, Lexie, Louis, Corey and Josh.

Massive thanks to our music teacher, Ella Partridge, for hosting the performance – she could not have been more proud of her students!











Flexi schooling now available

flexi schooling in Devon

Parents and carers are being offered more choice over their child’s education with the introduction of flexi schooling at our school.

The new initiative allows parents and children to work flexibly between home schooling and attendance at school. Children are still expected to meet goals and criteria, but flexi schooling will enable them to develop and learn at their own pace.

Sarah Maude, Head of School at Rackenford Primary, is a strong advocate of flexi schooling. She said: “Each child’s learning journey is different, and we’ve found that full-time attendance sometimes doesn’t fit with the child’s needs or a family’s philosophy of education.

“Offering flexi schooling will give parents and children the option to choose how they wish to learn, while still receiving the full support of the school. We are already working with a ‘flexi family’ and it’s incredibly encouraging to see how well it has suited that child and their ways of learning.”

Rackenford Primary is part of the Federation of Tiverton Schools. Head of the Federation, Sammy Crook, explains why they have decided to adopt flexi schooling at Rackenford: “We felt strongly that, as a Federation, we should try to offer all kinds of educational provision that parents seek, and Rackenford is the perfect school to introduce this.

“Sarah and her staff are experienced working across different age groups, and due to the small nature of the school, are used to looking outside of the school premises to aid learning. We are very excited to be able to offer flexi schooling to parents across Devon, and look forward to working with families to ensure the best learning experience for their children.”

Interested parents are invited to visit the school and meet Head of School Sarah Maude through appointment or at one of the Open Mornings, taking place on Thursday 7 June and Monday 18 June. To book please contact the school on 01884 881 354.

Our Daily Mile makes a difference

rackenford daily mile

Our students have been starting the day with 15 minutes of walking, running or dancing as part of a national initiative to get schoolchildren to be more active.

Since January the students have been participating in ‘The Daily Mile’ scheme, by going on a 15-minute walk or run before their first lesson starts, and when it’s too wet to go outside, the students gather in the hall for a 15-minute dance around instead.

The Daily Mile was pioneered by a Scottish head teacher in 2012, and more than 30,000 schools in 30 countries around the world have taken up the idea since. Research has recently been conducted to evidence the benefits of the initiative, and it was revealed that researchers found participating led to improved fitness and body composition.

Sarah Maude, Head of School at Rackenford Primary, agreed with the findings: “Since taking part in The Daily Mile, we have found our students to benefit from more than just increased fitness levels. They are more engaged and switched-on with their learning, their behaviour has improved and they seem to genuinely enjoy getting outdoors and spending time with their peers.

“We recently decided to add a ‘Running Club’ element to our daily walk, so students that wish to can run the route instead of walking it. They enjoy seeing if they can beat their times and improve each week. It’s also a brilliant time for teachers to check in on their pupils and to reinforce learning and behaviour messages outside of a classroom environment.”

Rackenford’s ‘Daily Mile’ is in addition to break times and existing PE lessons, and is slotted in to the school day before first lesson starts. The whole school takes part each day, including the teachers, and is proving to be a popular part of the school day.

New all-weather play area

Rackenford Primary new all-weather play area

Pupils will be able to play outside come rain or shine now, thanks to a new all-weather play area.

A neglected corner of the playground has been transformed to accommodate the new space, which is made of artificial grass and a rubberised track for scooters and trikes.

Following a successful bid by the school’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA), the project will be funded by the Batsworthy Cross Wind Farm Community Benefit fund (administered by Devon Community Foundation). The grant will also cover the costs for new scooters and trikes, as well as a shed to store them.

Rackenford Primary School Reception and Year 1 class teacher, Sharon Hagley, is delighted with the project: “The new all-weather play area will transform a part of the playground which does get very waterlogged, into a space that is usable all year round.

“As a school we strive to promote physical and emotional well being for our children, and a great way to achieve this is through outside play. I can’t wait for the children to start enjoying it and to see the difference it makes to their time outdoors.”