We are a small school, but we aim to provide places for all children in Rackenford, and also to serve the nearer parts of the surrounding parishes in so far as we have room. Hence we sometimes have children from Knowstone, Stoodleigh, Oakford, Loxbeare or Templeton. We are a Church of England school; this does not affect the right of parents who are not of this faith to apply for a place here. We work to provide education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice, and we ask all parents to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.

Because we are a voluntary aided school our governing body is the admissions authority and is responsible for our admissions policy. However we work with the Devon Local Authority (LA) to co-ordinate admissions. The LA is also responsible for school transport, and parents who might wish to use the school bus need to check whether they live within the designated area for this school.

Our Planned Admission Number for each year group is 14. Most of our children join the school at the start of their reception year and this Foundation Stage group are part of Class 1. We also welcome applications for other year groups. At present the school is organised into three classes. As we are a small school, numbers in each year group can vary considerably and organisation has to be flexible. Children aged 7 and under will in any case never be in a class of more than 30.

How to apply

We welcome visits from parents and children to see what we have to offer, but these are not a compulsory part of the applications process. Please ring us on 01884 881 354 if you would like to make an appointment to visit. If you decide to apply for a place here you need to fill in the LA’s Common Application Form, which is available on line at Please check closing dates for applications on the Devon website.

Another form which you may wish to fill in (to apply for a place on religious grounds in case we are oversubscribed) is the Supplementary Information Form, available from the School and to be returned to the School.

For further information, please see our admissions policies below:

2017 – Rackenford Admissions Policy
2018 – Rackenford Admissions Policy
2020 – Rackenford Admissions Policy