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‘Remote Learning Expectations and Implementations’ and

Providing remote education information to parents


Responses to Your Frequently asked Questions
  • Your child may not be taught by their usual teacher as we have a reduced staff rota in school each day,
  • Some of the staff are solely working from home for their health and safety and that of their family.
  • Some teachers will be teaching a class in school and also monitoring the remote learning so they may not be able to respond to your Class Dojo enquiry straight away.
  • The lessons are sequential and must be done in order for it to make sense and build on knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Outcomes, when requested by teachers need to be uploaded to Class Dojo. This can be a good quality screen grab, photograph or video of the work or activity. This is important so that the teachers can assess the outcome, give feedback and monitor learning progress. Please check that the image is not blurred.
  • You do not need to print off activities, most can be accessed on the screen or responses written on paper or an exercise book. Please let us know if you need exercise books.
  • Children’s work needs to be of their best quality. Their teachers will soon let them know if it isn’t! Don’t worry if they are asked to do something again.
  • An important factor of remote learning is the opportunity for teachers to assess children’s learning and progress over time and give valuable feedback. This was not possible during the first lockdown and as a consequence we needed to do much assessment to understand where children were, when the schools reopened to all pupils in September. By accessing remote learning and uploading outcomes children can continue to receive a quality education, all be it in this unusual way.
  • When schools re-open we will not need to do as much “catch up” on missed learning as the children are accessing the curriculum through remote learning.
  • Most children are completing their work each day and uploading their outcomes. Some families do this daily, while others upload every couple of days. This is ok. A few families do so over the weekend. Again, this is ok. We think that this is all reasonable and realistic. Thank you everyone. Find your best way, talk to us, let us know what isn’t and is working for you.
  • What-ever timescale works best for you we ask that outcomes are submitted/uploaded preferably each day but if not then by Friday afternoon or Monday morning, 9.00am at the latest. (a week’s work in one hit!) Leaving it for more than one week could cause anxiety and pressure as the work will mount up.
  • While most children are finished and ready to move on, we are concerned that a few children are not uploading any outcomes and not engaging with the teachers on Class Dojo. This will have a detrimental impact on their learning moving forwards. We would ask that you talk to us about any issues you may have which is limiting your children or yourselves accessing the remote learning.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties, we would ask that as a minimum your children should be completing the Maths, English and topic work set each day/week.
  • If there are issues with technology, let us know as this is something which we may be able to help you with.
  • Teachers will contact those families who are uploading little or no work to discuss any issues and to see how to best move forwards.
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